Canker Sore On Tonsil

Mouth and throat are the most sensitive areas which will be affected by some kind of infections among which canker sore is the most common one. Canker sore is a kind of ulcer occurring in mouth which is of non viral and non bacterial form. The worst type of canker sore is occurring in tonsil, as it will cause more pain and burning sensation when swallowing any foods. It is generally caused because of allergies due to foods and medicine and also because of the ingredients used in some tooth paste. It can also occur due to poor hygiene. So it is necessary to brush at least once a day to avoid this canker sore.


The canker sore on tonsil infections varies from person to person, so the treatment also varies according to the person. Treatments should be carried over after knowing well about the type of canker sore you are affected with.

  1. If the canker sore is occurring because of some types of foods, then note down the type of foods which are consumed by you. Carefully keep on noting the occurrence of canker sore because of the foods which you consume and then avoid those particular foods in order to avoid the occurrence of canker sore.
  2. If the canker sore is occurring on your tonsil, then check for the ingredients in the toothpaste. If the tooth paste has the ingredient of sodium lauryl sulphate, then it is well and good to avoid it because these types of ingredients are the agents which cause the canker sore particularly in the oral cavity and on the tonsil.
  3. The best treatment to be carried over is gargling. People who are affected with this canker sore on tonsil can gargle with warm water mixed up with some amount of salt. This helps in killing the germs in the throat and thereby reducing the canker sore on tonsil.
  4. Also perfect diet helps in curing the canker sore on tonsil. It is better to have yogurt because it reduces the burning sensation which is caused by the canker sore since it has the content of lactobacillus acidophilus.
  5. Avoid having foods which are spicy because it will increase the pain and also the burning sensation on tonsil.
  6. Another easy and most effective way in curing canker sore is the usage of zinc lozenges. It acts as an antibiotic lotion and helps in killing the germs which causes the canker sore on tonsil.
  7. There are many mouth washes available too, which acts as antibacterial agents. These mouth washes can be gargled to get rid of the canker sore infection.
  8. Topical soothing agent can be applied to the affected areas like glycerin which helps in reducing the burning sensation and also the pain caused by the canker sore.

Before going to the treatment, it is very much important to know the main cause of the infection which will be very useful in carrying over the treatment.