Canker Sore In Throat

Canker sores are ulcers that affect our inner walls of our mouth, gums, lips, tongue and also out throat. Canker sores are rarely found affecting our throat. This is because canker sores are caused due to stress and tissue damage. Stress can’t affect our throat as it is more secure and not the end of all glands. So the main cause for a canker sore to appear in throat is due to damage in our throat lining. The tonsils if affected and damaged due to some trauma, it may lead to canker sore in throat. Throat infection can be another chief cause for canker sores in throat.

Person who gets relieved from throat infection can be feared of getting canker sores in there. Some more important causes to be noted for getting canker sores in throat are the kind of food we eat. We eat variety of foods and most of them are hard for the throat to get them in. some such food that we consume commonly are ice, tortilla chips and spicy hot drinks and eatables. Also swallowing something that is solid and hard say a shell can cause canker sore in throat. Allergic reactions can be noted to be one good cause for canker sores to occur in throat.

Canker sores can also be formed on throat as a result of sore throat. Sore throat is a condition in which the inner walls of the throat get dried and hard. So this effect of the streptococcus may boost in the ulcer condition to be exposed. These are the ways by which a canker sore can get to the throat. However it is not contagious and neither could be transferred from individual to individual through any form. Not even kissing, oral sex or eating using the same utensil is going to carry canker sore.

The defect is not very vital and it even gets cured in a very short span but it needs to be treated as it delivers a lot of pain in these areas. Canker sores in mouth or in throat is going to be causing pain and so has to be taken good care of. To control the pain it is advisable to restrict eating foods that are hot and very spicy. Hot and spicy foods disturb the sores in the inner lining of the throat and so cause irritation and pain. So consuming soft and normal food can help to reduce pain.

Treating a canker sore in throat is not that easy because the sores are not reachable. The methods of covering the sore using those dental care products are not possible for treating canker sore in throat. So a healthy diet is one good way to reduce symptoms of canker sores. Even the rinsing methods of cure are not useful in canker sores in throat. But it is necessary to keep the mouth clean and secure. If the mouth stays safe without any dirt and infection the food travelling in is sure free from such infections.